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Alkaline Structured Silver

Nano Silver is something we haven't seen before, it is completely non-toxic, PH balanced and most importantly it will promote healthy immune function. 

It isn't snake oil, you won't get argyria since the nano silver enter and exits your body in about 24 hours. Old colloidal silver everyone makes at home is usually acidic, heavier particles and you run the risk of accumulation in your fatty cells. 

Colloidal silver is like a bolt-action one shot rifle! It will eliminate the pathogen one shot at a time. Colloidal silver is similar to a bee since it will die after stinging. 

Our alkaline structured silver is more like Gatiling gun with unlimited ammunition. Alkaline Structured Nano Silver is like a hornet it can kill many pathogens and keep stinging. It will have this effect on bad pathogens in your body until it leaves through the urinary tract taking any residual pathogens with it.

Solution, Gel & Soaps

Healthy Gut and Healthy Mind

There is a unique connection between the dynamics of your stomach and your daily moods Your stomach also has direct connection to your immune system.

Hay una conexión única entre el estomago y tu bienestar mental. Tu estomago también tiene una conecion directa a tu sistema inmune. 

Structured Silver up close and personal.

Structured Silver is a 3D structure that stays charged the whole time it is in the body. 

Plata Estructurada esta cargada todo el tiempo que esta en tu cuerpo.